Speaker's Proposal to Present

The Texas Payroll Conference Speaker Committee is accepting proposals for presentations.  If you or someone from your organization would like to speak at a future conference, please complete the following information. 

Deadline to submit proposal for 2018 is November 30, 2017. 

Conference Year: September 19-22, 2018, Woodlands, TX: Theme TBD

Focus Areas: 

Strategy and Service Delivery:  These sessions are aimed at the company searching for or continuing to support federal, state and local rulings and ways to deploy Payroll Department functions and services.

Selection and Implementation:  These sessions focus on implementation methodologies and how to successfully move from “ideas to reality,” learning the best practices to keep your plans on track and improve your chances for success.  In addition to these best practices, sessions cover the tools that ensure project success.

Post-Implementation and System Enhancements:  These sessions are aimed at the company which has implemented their system and is looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their total cost of ownership and enhance their service to their organization.

Technology Applications and Issues for Payroll Departments:  These sessions focus on core technologies and protocols which enhance the user experience and support service delivery.  Aimed at a more technical audience, this focus area will provide technical education for Payroll technology managers and IT specialists supporting the Payroll Department function.

Professional Development:  These sessions are aimed at the Payroll Department Professional who is seeking new skills and updating their professional “toolkit.”

Outsourcing:  These sessions focus on exploring the variety of ways Payroll has available to deliver its services to employees.  These sessions are not necessarily technology-related, but help provide alternatives for companies of all sizes and structures.  They also provide insight into the identification of alternatives, evaluation and selection and ongoing operational management and effectiveness.

Level of Presentation

Fundamentals:  Attendees generally have 1 to 3 years of experience in Payroll and are generalists new to the subject.  Focus is on learning the basics of the topic.

Intermediate:  The material presented generally requires 2+ years prior exposure to the topic area as it assumes prior knowledge of fundamental information.  Focus is on building on learning, expanding knowledge/work experience, and learning how to apply that knowledge more effectively.  These sessions cover more complex issues from a strategic, technology, organizational, or implementation prospective.

Advanced:  The material presented generally is intended for attendees who have at least 5 years exposure to the topic area. Focus is on learning the full issues and intricacies of the topic, and how to use this knowledge to gain a strategic advantage.

Presenter(s) and contact information