Judith Houghton Memorial Scholarship Application

The Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship is an educational scholarship awarded annually in honor of Judith Houghton, a loyal and committed friend and supporter of the Payroll Profession and the Texas Payroll Conference. The purpose of the Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship is to recognize individuals dedicated to the payroll profession and to encourage their educational advancement through opportunities provided in the State of Texas.

The Scholarship Award recipient will receive a free Texas Payroll Conference registration for the 2019 Conference held in San Antonio, Texas. (Hotel and travel expenses will be the sole responsibility of the scholarship recipient.) The winner will be announced during the awards ceremony at the 2018 conference to be held in The Woodlands, Texas.

Please complete all questions and return your questionnaire along with your letter of recommendation no later than July 24th by email to TPCScholarship@txpayrollconference.org.


A letter of recommendation is required as part of the application process. Please list the name and contact information of the individual providing the enclosed letter of recommendation supporting the nominee’s educational advancement if awarded the Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship. Please attach the letter of recommendation with your scholarship application.

Please attach a document answering EACH of the following questions:

1. If awarded this scholarship, describe how it would help in the advancement of your payroll career? (Total 55 points)

2. Describe your most rewarding payroll experience. (Total 20 points)

3. Briefly describe your long and short term payroll goals and where you see yourself in the payroll field in 10 years. (Total 20 points)

4. Just as Judith did, how have you given back to your community? (Total 5 points)

*Please limit your response to one to two paragraphs maximum.